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JUMO ecoLine / JUMO BlackLine pH 单棒电极 (201005)
JUMO ecoLine / JUMO BlackLine pH 单棒电极 (201005) China RoHS-20

  • 高质量测量传感器
  • 高性价比
  • 玻璃杆或塑料杆版本
  • 可选不同插入深度
  • 可选带配套连接电缆

JUMO tecLine pH 单棒电极(201020)
JUMO tecLine pH 单棒电极(201020) China RoHS-20

  • 高质量工业用电极
  • 广泛用于过程及工业
  • 耐压高达10bar
  • 可整合其他温度传感器
  • 可选择不同插深

JUMO tecLine HD - pH Combination Electrodes (201021)
JUMO tecLine HD - pH Combination Electrodes (201021) China RoHS-20

  • Especially robust industry electrodes for the most demanding applications
  • For processes with increased pollutant and toxic loads as well as media containing oil
  • For high process pressures up to 13 bar
  • Wide temperature operating range up to 135 °C
  • Extensive PTFE ring diaphragm
  • With quality certificate
  • Temperature probe can be integrated as an addition

Laboratory pH single-rod electrodes (201030)
Laboratory pH single-rod electrodes (201030) China RoHS-20

  • pH sensors for use in laboratories
  • Different possible versions
  • Various diaphragm glasses for different applications
  • Variable fitting lengths

ISFET pH Combination Electrode (201050)
ISFET pH Combination Electrode (201050) China RoHS-20

  • High measuring accuracy, even at low temperatures
  • Good response speed
  • Stable measured values
  • Largely impervious to "dry-running"

JUMO pH glass electrodes (201081)
JUMO pH glass electrodes (201081) China RoHS-20

  • Fitting length 120 x 12 mm
  • Plug cap and screw cap Pg13.5 possible
  • Various membrane glasses are available
  • Used in conjunction with reference electrodes

JUMO reference electrodes / diaphragm tube (201083)
JUMO reference electrodes / diaphragm tube (201083) China RoHS-20

  • Reference electrodes suitable for pH and Redox measurements
  • Steady reference potential due to proven Ag/AgCl conduction system
  • Highly viscose 3mol potassium chloride gel
  • Zirconium dioxide diaphragm
  • Diaphragm tube for the attachment of electrolyte keys
  • Use when electrode toxins are encountered
  • The diaphragm can be changed

JUMO compensation thermometer (201085)
JUMO compensation thermometer (201085) China RoHS-20

  • For temperature compensation in pH measurements
  • For temperature recording in other applications
  • Fitting length 120 x 12 mm
  • Pt100 probe class B