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JUMO mTRON controller module (70.4010)


  • Design width 91 mm
  • Installation on a top hat rail 35mm
  • 2-state/3-state, 3-state modulating controller, positioner, continuous controller,
  • 2 universal measuring inputs
  • 3 outputs
  • 1 limit value monitoring
  • Maths functions
  • Plug&Play function
  • Ramp function
  • Set point value/parameter block toggling
  • Configuration with JUMO mTRON-iTOOL


Control of temperatures, pressures and other process variables.


The assembly group is a module of the JUMO mTRON control and automation system. The case in the format 91mm x 85.5mm x 73.5mm (W x H x D) is made of plastic and is installed on a top hat rail. Versatile automation structures can be built up using the function modules ramp function, maths, controller and limit value monitoring. Each analog measuring input is monitored with adjustable limit values. Two controller parameter blocks are saved in addition to four definable set point values. A tested self-optimization function automatically adapts the controller to the control path properties. Two analog inputs to connect standard signals, Pt100 and thermocouples are available in addition to two binary inputs. Furthermore, two switching outputs and one analog output are provided. The analog inputs and the analog output can be configured without changing the hardware. For data exchange, the controller module is equipped with a network connection. A screened, twisted pair cable is used as the transmission line. A setup interface is provided for parameterization and configuration of the module via a PC under the project planning software JUMO mTRON-iTOOL. Electrical connection is carried out via plug-type screw terminal strips.


Accessory articles

Article number Product description Price / piece
SHB Systemhdb. mTRON gesamt D /D Systemhandbuch WB 70.4000 704000 price on request
JUMO iTOOL mit Handbuch 704090 Software Projektierungssoftware Systemhandbuch 704090 CD-ROM price on request