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JUMO pressure measuring cells (type 40.4410)


  • Silicon semi-conductor DMS (piezoresistive)
  • Measuring ranges from 0…350 mbar
    to 0…100 bar, relative or absolute pressure
  • With temperature compensation
  • Customer-specific variants
  • Versions in TO8, TO39
  • Extension concept possible

Customer benefits

  • Economic

Large series numbers can be produced thanks to the mature technology in the fields of semi-conductor production and micro-mechanical engineering. The user benefits from this price advantage.
The extension concept 'save money by DIY' offers even more saving potential.
It offers low-cost pressure measuring cells without quality loss by adhering to the compensation suggestion as well as flexibility thanks to the selectable combinations of the basic type extensions.

  • Process safe and reliable

We guarantee a high quality and longevity reliability due to excellent overload strength and long-term stability.


  • OEM


A compact and robust stainless steel case accommodates the high-precision pressure sensors developed on the basis of the proven piezoresistive measuring technology (silicon semi-conductor DMS). The sensors are glued to the base plate with a suitable adhesive.
Customized versions are possible in addition to the standardized measuring cells (data sheet 40.4410).
A manifold spectrum of individual parts allows the realization of a configured extension concept. This concept is sub-structured into configuration stages allowing individual adaptation to the desired application.
Example of configuration levels:Configuration level 1: Silicon sensor with or without temperature compensation,Configuration level 2: With a welded or sealed system,Configuration level 3: Installed in the process connection, etc.